Catch 22 for US businesses as they try to please China, US

Doing business behind the Great Wall of China forces American companies to compromise on their principles but if one were to look at history then profits trumps over principles. This is now openly visible in the NBA conundrum which till date was a problem faced by retailers, airline companies, hotels, tech firms and very other business that wanted to start operations in China. They all had to follow the Chinese government’s stand on repressive political stand with regard to Hong Kong protests, Uyghur Muslims, Tibet and Taiwan’s claims to independence or would not be allowed to do business in the country.

Before the protests in Hong Kong the problem was with Taiwan as Airlines were forced to change their drop down menus and maps to insert “Taiwan, China” instead of just having Taiwan. Though Taiwan is a democracy that is ruled by local government China insists that it be labeled as a part of mainland China. The nation’s aviation authority has also demanded that both Macau and Hong Kong be treated as Chinese territory.  During that demand American government has treated the policy as “nonsense” and stated that Americans will resist efforts by Communist Party to impose Chinese correctness on its citizens and companies.

But it is obvious that private firms rarely stand against Chinese government as GAP clothing made a public apology for introducing a T-Shirt with map of China that did not have Taiwan in it. It was noticed this week that even Apple is hiding the Taiwan from its emoji keyboard while last year an employee of Marriott was fired for liking a social media post about Tibet. While not everyone’s principles would be compromised over T-shirts or plane tickets but it’s a major concern for social activists who feel that Chinese regime is using American technology to curb human rights standards that are held high in American society.

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