Research reveals alarming increase in deep fake videos in just 9 months

Research has revealed a drastic rise in deep fake videos hitting the internet and the alarming fact is that the increase has taken place in a matter of just 9 months.Besides being used in political scenarios the clips are increasingly being used in pornography as per reports from cyber security firm Deeptrace.

The increased reason for concern is the possibility of their use in vengeful porn and online bullying and the enhanced lucrativeness of the business. The pornography aspect is a factor that can prove very damaging for a large number of women, said research head at Deeptrace.

Deeptrace’s investigation revealed the existence of four pornography websites based on deep-fake technologyand whose videos had pulled in views totaling about 134 million since February 2018.Several apps facilitating the creation of such material have mushroomed and though website owners are sometimes forced to pull down such material, the software exists and is open to anyone wanting to make a profitable business out of it.There are several online businesses creating and selling such videos for profits report Deeptrace authors.

Input material required to create the deep-fake output today is minimal and this is a cause for deep concern. It is therefore, vital for policymakers to find a way of curbing such technology. Development of detection tools, increasing public awareness and considering the political and social dynamics that have made deepfakes so threatening, are some aspects that call for greater attention.

Presently, instances of using deepfakes for entertaining purposes are prevalent in larger numbers and very few deepfakes used for malevolent purposes are reported.

What is the right approach to tackle the deepfake issue is still being debated. Any alert given through deepfake detection technology will be an action coming after the doctored video has gone viral. It may hence, not prove so effective. And if the victims in the short term turn out to be women which in all probability will be the case then hiring specialists to tackle their abusers will be a costly affair for them.

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