More than 1000 cases of vaping lung injuries in the U.S. so far…

Vaping related lung injuries have affected over a thousand individuals in the United States as per reports from the CDC. These injuries have affected almost the entire U.S., with 48 states reporting such cases.Sixteen states have seen people losing their lives. These states are Alabama, Mississippi, Minnesota, Connecticut, California, Kansas, Oregon, Florida, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, Nebraska, and Virginia. These sixteen states have seen 19 deaths.

Anne Schuchat, Deputy Director at the CDC, believes that this endemic has not yet reached its peak. It also shows no signs of decline yet.This outbreak, which has covered almost all the states, is being investigated thoroughly. Multiple agencies like the CDC and FDA are coordinating with local and state health departments and other partners to study and contain this outbreak.

Schuchat said they have 578 cases where information about substance use has been known three months before the onset of symptoms. She said the issue is critical and the exact cause of the symptoms has not yet been found. The suspected substance is THC, which is found in oils used for vaping.

Judy McMeekin from the FDA’s office expressed concern about substances available in the black market. She suggested that it was too early to rule out the influence of other substances and believes that at this juncture, the investigation team should proceed with an open mind.

The CDC has intensified its warnings to young adults, youth, and pregnant women to refrain from using these products if they have not used tobacco-related products previously.

Deputy Director Schuchat believes that the harmful products are still available, and that’s the reason for the intensified warnings.Cannabis is now legal in many states. States have permitted legal recreational sale and use of marijuana. The sellers would have to obtain a license before they can sell cannabis.

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