Wind Power Faces Threatening Storms From The U.S. Interior Department

The wind power industry is cropping up in almost all places in the U.S. and is one of the most important energy sources in the country, but is now under threat.

Wind farms are growing up fast. Big corporations plan to invest more in this sector. It has been providing continuous energy, freeing them from diesel-fired power plants that were polluting the environment.

But there is one major issue that seems to threaten the wind turbines. President Trump is against the disgusting, ugly and stupid wind farms, as he calls it. He has been against the wind industry for almost a decade, starting from when a wind form was started near his golf course. Through tweets he has expressed his displeasure over the wind farms and turbine blades.

What was considered as a climate-friendly industry is now under threat, say leaders from the wind industry.

Wind power is providing electricity in many parts of the country, especially in the Midwest and Southwest states. New states are also joining in this drive towards wind energy. New York and New Jersey have already joined Massachusetts in this wind boom.

The Interior Department has, however, put a check on Vineyard Wind in the month of August. Vineyard Wind has a target to start operations in 2022. But approval has been withheld by the Interior Department for its 84 giant turbines with an investment of $2.8 billion in offshore wind projects.

Spokesman Nicholas Goodwin of Interior Department says that though offshore energy is an important energy strategy of the Trump administration, the impact of the turbines on the environment should be assured.

However, critics of the Trump administration say that offshore oil and gas development has been opened in spite of environmental concerns from activists.

Thomas Brostrom who is heading Denmark’s Orsted, the offshore wind giant, hopes that it is just a “speed bump” and not a “roadblock” from the government.

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