Daimler Fined 870 Million Euros On Diesel Emission Scandal

Regulators have taken stringent action against Daimler. The company has broken diesel emissions regulations and prosecutors have fined Daimler with a hefty penalty of 870 million euros, on Tuesday.

In 2015, Volkswagen had admitted that it had cheated on diesel pollution tests. Regulators and prosecutors have been into diesel investigations since then. Carmakers like Daimler have also been scrutinized and were found to overcome regulatory laws.

The Environmental Protection Agency had revealed the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal just a few days ago. About 11 million cars have been affected by this scandal all over the globe. The case against Daimler comes just a few days after the Volkswagen scandal broke out.

After a regulatory probe, German authorities have found trickery software installed in some of the Stuttgart-based carmaker’s vehicles. This software reduced nitrogen oxide emissions during testing. But on the roads, they were emitting harmful gases that were exceeding regulatory limits. A lawsuit was filed in New Jersey regarding this and the U.S. Department of Justice was investigating on it.

Mercedes-Bens automakers have said that they would not appeal against the penalty, though it was objecting to the penalty. The legal action has to end in a comprehensive and timely manner, says the company.

The company had covered vehicles with a special filtering system to get through emission tests. Vito vans, GLC coupes, and C-class sedans had been fitted with it. German prosecutors have levied a huge fine for cheating on emissions.

Daimler has provided for the emission case by setting aside about 1.6 billion euros to handle the diesel scandal. The company had further warned investors that the earnings may drop for this year.

German prosecutors have also indicted Volkswagen top officials for the delay in informing investors about the investigation going on. Porche, the performance brand had settled about 535 million euros in May. Meanwhile, Bosch, its part maker had paid 90 million euros.

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