Astronomers Discover The Enormously Large Neutron Star

Recently, a team of astronomers discovered massive neutron star in the outer space. When stars die in supernovas then the corpses left behind are termed as Neutron stars. During the event of supernova its core collapses due to its gravitational pull. This pull can also give birth to a black hole which can even engulf light. Neutron star is formed by a core which is less massive; the name is given as it has strong gravity which crushes protons with electron and gives rise to neutrons.

The diameter of a neutron star is small, around 19 kilometers; contrary to this they have massive density. The mass of neutron star is similar to the sun. Though scientists kept on studying neutrons since decades but they couldn’t unravel their mysteries.

While making a public statement Maura McLaughlin said that neutrons are exotic and at present scientists’ can’t tell the matter with which they are composed of. Maura also stated that scientists won’t be able to make such a dense material in their laboratory.

Scientists have measured a neutron star J0740+6620 which is 4,600 light-years away from the planet Earth and possess a mass 2.14 times larger than the sun. This neutron star has a diameter of around 25 kilometers.

Scott Ransom stated that neutron stars have a tipping point where they get interior density so dense that gravitational pull overwhelms ability of the star to resist itself from collapse. He further concluded that neutron star which scientists found make them to understand their tipping point and also provided understanding about heavy density and physics of these stars.

J0740+6620 neutron star, is also called as pulsar since it rotates on its axis. Twin radio beams are emitted by pulsars from magnetic poles. J0740+6620 is also known as a millisecond pulsar as it spins near about hundreds of revolutions in a second. Astronomers measured pulsar’s mass through Shapiro Delay.

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