Latest Acquisition By Spotify Assists Labels And Artists Appoint Talent

Spotify has been making an honest effort at assisting artists get their songs to the users. The streaming platform has already partnered with and acquired an online recording studio and several distributors. This week, it is joining the music manufacturing game by purchasing SoundBetter. It is a service that lets music experts to hire and network each other for different recording gigs.

SoundBetter is a combination of TaskRabbit and LinkedIn for musicians. Writers, producers, mastering engineers, mixers, and session performers can create online networks with an account free of cost. Users who pay for a monthly plan can take a proactive approach and access job boards, instead of expecting to be found in search listings. Musicians who are working actively on a project can post open gigs or look for associates to lure collaborators. This system assists a musician who does not play drums, for instance, find an examined percussionist online who can assist finish an album or song.

As fraction of the Spotify for Artists project, the SoundBetter acquirement is the newest step in the mission by CEO Daniel Ek to convert Spotify into a “2-sided platform.” Ek dreams a unified platform where musicians can create content and users can hear music. This seems a lot like vertical incorporation, but various services that are fraction of Spotify for Artists assist musicians post their work further than the platform.

On a related note, Spotify has been increasing up its podcast services lately, and soon the firm will make it simpler than before to post your personal podcast on the service. Judging by a latest “Create podcast” feature in the Spotify application, it seems like you will soon be capable of editing, recording, and publishing a podcast straightly from your handset employing the Anchor application, then post it to Spotify and other services such as Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts with a single click.

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