Surescripts Makes It Difficult For Amazon To Access Its Patient Drug Data

Amazon has recently gotten into pharmacy business after their purchase of PillPack, the online pharmacy back in 2018 summer. However, Surescripts, one of the leading competitors in the markets has perhaps sworn to make it difficult for Amazon to get of patients’ drug data. Surescripts is a firm handling electronic prescriptions of patients. They have lately informed of ending business relationship with ReMy Health due to controversy over patients’ data. This step would also be severely affecting PillPack owned by Amazon since PillPack had made a deal with Re My Health for allowing them the access to get patients’ data which they received from Surescripts.

Following this event, PillPack would officially have no way to hands on the patients’ drug data. Therefore, PillPack would now have to directly contact with the patients or their respective doctors. Now that procedure is quite long and prone to suffer mistakes. Besides, elderly patients who take multiple medicines often cannot remember what had been prescribed to them which would make it even harder.

Surescripts on the other hand mentioned that they led an investigation into ReMy Health and came up with certain issues regarding their service. Thus, they had to end the deal. They had earlier informed that FBI would be handed over the subject for deeper investigation. Surescripts confirmed that there was no violation of patients’ privacy by ReMy Health, however, other problems existed.

CEO of the company, Tom Skelton said that Surescripts has got proof that the fraud was regarding ReMy Health’s method of getting patients’ drug information. It said that their access to information went beyond just prescribed drugs. The evidence cleared that ReMy Health had data on health insurance of patients as well as information on prescription price which the company very shrewdly gave away to drug marketing websites. Skelton also mentioned that although the gravity of the action was trivial, but it was still a breach of integrity and they just had to nullify the contract.

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