Tougher Actions On Doctors Who Write Fraudulent Vaccine Exemption

Gavin Newsom, the Californian Governor has signed bills for taking strict actions against doctors for writing fraudulent medical exemptions for vaccinations of school children. Within an hour after the lawmakers had sent him the changes which he demanded to be made for approving the bills, the bill was signed by the Governor.

The changes were approved by the Legislators as the protests by the emotional opponents worsened and the Senate debate was delayed for two hours because of the shouting and protests from the opponents. Newsom said that new tools have been provided by this legislation for protecting public health in a better way and also ensures that the doctors, parents, school administration and the public health officials are all aware of rules moving forward. The initial bill which was aimed at doctors who sold fraudulent medical exemptions was sent to Newsom the previous week by the lawmakers. San Francisco’s Sen. Richard Pan said that a follow-up legislation will follow which would provide grace periods for school children lasting several years. He said that both these bills were necessary to give children protection from diseases that are preventable.

This effort was praised by the California Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Vaccinate California. The protestors were seen holding the national flag upside down to show their distress and shouted ‘My kids, my choice’. The Republicans objected that there was no public hearing before the approval. Devon Mathis of Visalia, Republican Assemblyman said that this was government over reach and that the medically fragile children were at stake because of this bill. Companion bill will allow the officials to revoke a medical exemption that is written by a doctor who had faced a disciplinary action.

Many of the opponents who blocked the entrances to Capitol were detained before the start of the legislative session. Nearly 200 opponents had gathered at the hallway at the Governor’s office and asked Newsom to abolish both the vaccine bills.

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