Huge Power Cut On Friday Affects A Million People In UK

A huge power cut on Friday has affected many parts of England and Wales. “It was an enormous disruption”, says Andrea Leadsom Business Secretary. The power disruption brought darkness into many parts of the city. People were stuck in trains for many hours. Almost one million homes were in darkness. It was one of the biggest power outages in a decade, as traffic lights halted and the Newcastle airport was left in darkness.

The power outage happened at two power stations, the Hornsea offshore wind farm, and Little Barford in Bedfordshire. National Grid must report immediately to Ofgem, says Leadsom. The electricity transmission system which is run by National Grid, says that the power cut was a “rare and unusual loss” of two of its large generators. About 300,000 customers were affected south-east of England and in London. In Wales and south-west England, about 500,000 were affected by the power cut.

National Grid says it is pleased that a government inquiry has been ordered on the power cut that took place on Friday, as the impact had been severe. The Electricity System Operator (ESO) is also conducting its own inquiry on the incident. Ofgem energy regulators are also looking into the situation, saying an enforcement action may be taken. Duncan Burt, the director of operations at National Grid, says that the outage was not due to a cyber-attack or an unexpected wind power generation. However, he has acknowledged that the blackout had caused immense disruption.

Burt says that the automatic safety systems had shut power in a few places as it was a simultaneous loss of its two generators. Though the safety measures went off well, it has caused an immense impact on the daily lives of the people. National Grid has reported a profit of £1.8 billion and has provided dividends to shareholders, which makes the power cut all the more unacceptable.

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