The First Electric Car By Porsche Has Impressed EV Expert Greatly

The speculations about Porsche launching its first electric car began nearly four months ago and the rumours have escalated ever since. However, the car lovers had two crucial queries up in their minds: the final structure of the automobile, as well as the driving experience of the vehicle. Luckily, former Fifth Gear show host Jonny Smith had recently taken a test drive at this vehicle named Taycan and has unveiled the details of the futuristic vehicle, thereby answering the second query and question that thousands of driving fans have been waiting for.

Smith is the world’s only person who had the skillset of converting 1970s commuter vehicles, into world’s fastest electronic vehicle (EV) ever created. And watching an EV expert like Smith constantly praising the handling the speed of Taycan can ensure the top-class technology incorporated into the vehicle, ensuring customers that the latest Porsche model is absolutely worth the money. Also, there have been hints that Smith might be paying attention to the repeatability when the car manufacturing sales finally be launched for consumer purchase. Although Porsche Taycan might behind some of Tesla’s models, due to the slight difference in speed, the liquid-cooled 800V battery pack in Taycan shall be capable of putting out far more number of electrons without damaging the engine even to the slightest.

The descriptive test drive video posted by Smith also includes the revving sound of Taycan both at low and high speeds, However, Porsche authorities have taken special cautionary measure to not reveal the design yet, therefore covering all the inside features of the vehicle with fabric, denying the viewers any chance of having the first look at the automobile. Hence the query about the outlook and design of the automobile yet remain unanswered. Online viewers and car lovers shall have to wait for a few more months before the secret new look to the Porsche vehicle unravels.

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