Japanese Government Plans To Build Military Space Unit In 2020

It was reported on Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper lately that Japanese government is on the verge of creating a military space unit as a part of Self-Defense Forces during 2020. This is due to the fact that Japan is conscious of the other nations like U.S, China and Russia are using space for defense purposes and wishes to do the same. The newspaper also said that they expect a 70 mighty unit would be stationed at a certain airbase in a city, Fuchu. Fuchu is located in the west of the capital, Tokyo. The plan had long been drafted in December 2018.

The government of Japan is currently involved in a system of ground-based space tracking which constitutes of extremely sensitive radar as well as an optical telescope. It is being thought that the telescope would begin functioning from 2023. The primary work of the telescope would be to keep a check on space debris, any possible threat for attack or intervention by satellites of other nations.

Japanese Self-Defense Forces never had any such prior experience. Thus, the employees of the particular unit would be sent to JAXA, Japanese Aerospace Agency and U.S Armed Forces. The initial plan of the Japanese authorities was to develop the military space unit during 2022. However, witnessing the fast progress of other nations, they decided to hasten up.

The newspaper also stated that Washington has also planned to have their space forces within 2020. Japan has already considered this a great opportunity for cooperation works in space projects with United States. During April, a collaboration project was already decided on. Both Japan and Washington during their talks said that in 2023, a launch would take place with Japanese Quasi Zenith Satellite System (JQZSS) which would consist of a space tracking sensor provided by Defense Department of United States.

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