Trump’s Tweet Following Epstein’s Death Boost Conspiracy Theory

A new headline has been flooding all over social media. Latest theories came up to the surface on Saturday after news was released regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s death by suicide under questionable circumstances inside his prison cell. One of the most affected tweets was done by President Trump who had re-tweeted a post by Terrence K. Williams, a Conservative Comedian. Williams said that the main cause behind Epstein’s death is due to the reason that he had enough information concerning Bill Clinton. He also said that he has been seeing the trending hash tag #TrumpBodyCount but everyone knows who did that. He wrote “RT if you’re not surprised”.

The president supported the theory out of several others that came up following Epstein’s death. Several of them who had been accusing Bill or Trump to be the reasons for growing problems in the nation for last few years saw this as a clear mark to raise their voices even more. There has been absolutely no evidence regarding the fact that how Epstein could kill himself inside a guarded prison.

The conspiracies spread wide by linking Epstein to Clinton family and Trump. Few others were stunned by the situation in which he killed himself. Travis View who works as an independent conspiracy theory analyst said that the latest news on Saturday has started a new wave of conspiracy theories all around. He also gave evidence on how easily these theories are being adopted by the general mass.

View said that there has been number of theories due to his sudden suicide. Fringe conspiracies that had begun almost 20 years ago are now reaching the mainstream. Lawyers and people familiar to the Republican Party are quite at ease giving fuel to these kinds of theories. By the first half of the morning on East Coast, a hash tag linking to the conspiracy of the Clinton family had started to gain huge popularity on Twitter.

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