Google Closes Down Its Travel Planning App Trips

Google is ending yet one more app, even though you may not bother with this decision. The firm is closing down its travel app Trips as of this week in favor of steering consumers to both Google Maps as well as its renovated travel search. Your tools and information are not going away—you will, on the other hand, require looking for them in different places.

Saved places, notes, and reservations will still be present in search as long as you log into your account on Google. You will “shortly” have the choice of editing or adding notes via the travel portal of the search site. You’ll also find saved places, things to do, and trip reservations (in the near future) in the Maps application. In addition to this, your bookings will become available offline automatically.

The switch-up is unlucky if you loved having all your vacation data in one place. On the other hand, it is not difficult to see why Google may close Trips 3 Years into its presence. Many of its once-special functions are now accessible in the Maps app or a web browser you likely already have on your handset. There is not much incentive to dedicate resources to a particular app, principally when Maps and search provide more tools for explorers.

Speaking of traveling, Airbnb needs to make it simpler to find office-friendly listings, and its solution is quite easy. Earlier, the firm might ask at checkout if you were traveling for business. Now, it is providing a work trip switch that you can turn on or off at the starting of your search. The function will show up listings that are more pertinent for business trips. The toggle “Airbnb for Work” will underline listings that have got positive ratings from business users, as well as listings that have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

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