Netflix Asking For User Activity Data To Improve Video Quality

Netflix—one of the globally leading content streaming platforms—has been trying hard to improve the video quality without suspending its ongoing services. Moreover, the company has released a testing feature, in which it was requesting some users to share their routine activity data. The company’s new test feature was recognized, when some users noticed a pop-up asking for “physical activity permission” appearing on the Netflix app on Android devices.

A screenshot from Pixel 3XL displaying Netflix’s testing feature was shared by a security researcher on Twitter, reported by The Next Web last week.

In response to the test feature, Netflix spokesperson stated that the content streaming platform has been trying to enhance the user experience, and grabbing physical activity data was one of the ways to improve video playback quality. The company has no plans to roll out the test feature globally, while a few accounts opted for beta testing.

It is being assumed that Netflix could use the data collected through users’ activity recognition permission on the latest Android OS Q.

On a similar note, Netflix, as a business, has been growing at a remarkable rate. However, the growth curve does not touch the peak as expected. The company has anticipated that nearly 5 Million new subscribers would sign up in the last quarter, but the subscribers’ number increased to only 0.5 Million. Although the streaming platform is about to include Apple TV+, Disney+, and HBO Max content, still it is seeking new approaches to attract more new customers. Last month, Netflix launched smartphone-only plans in India.

Actually, the company launched its smartphone-only plan at the beginning of the year for testing purpose. The company was offering movies and TV shows in standard deviation on a single device and charging Rs 250 for a month. Owing to the utmost decline in customer growth, the company has cut the monthly charge of the plan to Rs 199.

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