Injections Could Outdo Invasive Surgeries That Help Lose Weight

It has been proved that there is no thing as a weight loss pill. But, to our surprise, a team has developed an injection that can help lose weight. The Imperial College of London researchers have found a miracle for the obese people in the form of a medical bypass. The fundamental goal is to inject the weight-concerned individuals with the same hormones that are generally produced after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. The researchers have found that obese people can easily reduce weight without the need of undergoing a knife. This new technique helps lower the chances of having cancer, heart disease, and stroke. According to Professor Tricia Tan, the gastric bypass operation outcomes can be obtained without undergoing invasive surgery.

The surgery tends to lower the appetite that leads to weight loss. The same hormone combination when injected into the patients for about 4 Weeks showed a dramatic drop in their weights. Almost 5.5 Pounds were seen to have dropped in 4 weeks time. This new method also helped lower blood sugar levels and bring it up to the normal levels. However, the researchers suggest that a healthy diet is the best option to lose weight. The low-calorie diet and surgery were seen to help people achieve their weight loss goals. The current study is shown to help lose weight easily compared to invasive and risky surgery. The GOP infusion was found beneficial than bariatric surgery.

Similarly, the research team led by Dr. Jyrki Virtanen from the University of Eastern Finland has found that all the diet, especially the high-protein diets is associated with an increased risk of heart problems. The researchers found that diet-related heart risks were found to increase by 49% in the older group of men. WHO and other national health bodies have advised that maintaining a balanced diet, low sugars, salts, red meat, and more vegetables, fishes, beans, and pulses is necessary for weight control and fitness.

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